Airplane ideas for kids

After all the talking in our country with our last article, The Silent PROHIBITION: mums who FLY with CHILDREN in bARCELONA we think we can give you some ideas when traveling with kids!!

Who is used to fly with children, either alone or in company (although you really notice it when flying on your own), you realize that it is all much more comfortable if we entertain them during the flight.

Nuestra secuencia normalmente es la misma:

This is our usual sequence of the facts:

1) NEVER enter the first on the plane although you have the option of preferential passage to go with kids. It is preferable to keep them moving until the last moment, especially depending on the age of the child and the duration of the flight. If we enter the first ones in the plane, there are about 20-25 minutes more that we have to stay sit.

2) We maintain our kids intrigated with the takeoff and enjoy that moment until we are flying and we unfastes our seatbelts

3) Like all children love going to the toilet's aircraft,  We "spend" some time in going, doing things and coming back, then we begin to tell them we have prepared a surprise!! when we are sat in our seats, with lowered tables, we'll get started!


This activity, has worked very well for my kids lately.


*  Dice letters with a whole in the centre (in between 3-5eur in internet)

* Cards with printed draws and letter spaces (you have the printable below)

download Cards in pdf

The activity comes to selecting the letters and fill the spaces. You can make it easier or harder, it can be done so that the letters have to be introduced by a , also through a pipe, just put them on paper  depends on the child and your creativity.


Other alternatives to this activity, when they have already played with the cards, We can offer them a cord and make them to choose the letters of their names and  introduced them in order, or maybe trying  mummy or daddy's ... you will see how creativity emerges alone!


Maybe not every child play with the same thing, but the "surprise factor" helps quite a lot!

After our first activity...

4) Something yummy. To eat something is always very welcome!! Whatever it is, maybe the biscuits we brought from home or, if our economy can afford it, we can pick something from the menu...wich is absolutly amazing for them!!! in between all this, we have win 10 more good minutes!!

5) Technologyc moment. If we have an ipad, smartphone or any other device... this is the time!! We should have preppared our devices at home and have downloaded the apps or games or music...whatever is needed for your child. I have tried these ones and are just Amazing:

      * APP: TUBE D/L:

You can download videos all over the net, even youtube vids. Find yout kids favourite ones, download them and watch them afterwards without internet connection, Perfect dor the plane!!!


     * Inventioneers (filimundus):

Amazing creative APP designed for thinking and being creative. There's a payement version, wich I really recomend


     * Forest Flyer

For our little ones...100% interactive, We are in love with this one!


We'll talk about APP's in another post, meanwhile, the above APP's are grat for your kids while flying!

So depending on your flight, you'll be close to reach your destination, or perhaps you have stay a little longer. For our long flights, we plan two activities, The next one is discovered after the technologycal time


Oh yes!! and do not forget pencils and notebooks....that's always very useful!!!


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